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Purr-ky Petsitting Offers a Well Rounded Variety of Pet Care Services

Whether you need a pet sitter, animal cleaning consultant or other pet service in Pittsburgh, Purr-ky Petsitting can help. Mary Domencic, at Purr-ky Petsitting, has the required skills and compassion for a variety of pet services. Purr-ky Petsitting aims to provide the same level of enjoyment and care that Mary would for her own pets. Text, email or call 412-523-3612 to contact Purr-ky Petsitting to book an appointment for any of the following:

Animal Cleaning Consultation

Is your place looking like a zoo – literally? Or do you just feel like it is? Purr-ky Petsitting can assist you with creating a manageable routine to keep your home livable no matter how many animals live there.

Exotic Pet Care

Purr-ky Petsitting offers loving and caring help with the most common pets to the most exotic pets. Mary appreciates the uniqueness of all pets including lizards, snakes, birds, and rodents. For exotic pets to thrive, the correct habitat, diet, and enrichment are essential. The specifics of caring for exotic pets vary from those of conventional pets. However, with years of experience, know your pet is in good hands with Purr-ky Petsitting.

Pet Photography

Dogs and cats are a part of the family. Purr-ky Petsitting believes it is crucial to have photographs of them same as you would any other family member. Purr-ky Petsitting specializes in getting that perfect shot that truly reflects both their personalities and your relationship with them. With years of experience, know you will receive photographs that capture the bond you share.

Purr-ky Petsitting
can help when you need a pet sitter or other pet services available in Pittsburgh.

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