Cat Sitting
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One Claw at a Time

Schedule cat sitting in Pittsburgh with Purr-ky Petsitting, whether you are on vacation or just working long hours. Your cat might have a reputation for being independent or they may have special needs. No matter the case, they need a human to check up on them. Home and pet monitoring systems often fail. Feeding and litter monitors are far from perfect. Cameras can easily get tossed around by your pet. Nothing beats a real person – who actually cares – coming to check in on your home and loved one. Purr-ky Petsitting’s problem solving, perception, and passion to provide high-quality care is far superior than any artificial intelligence!

Mary Domencic is a dedicated trained pet care professional with more than 30 years of experience with caretaking. Purr-ky Petsitting provides the best cat sitting services in Pittsburgh, offering peace of mind to hundreds of clients.

For professional cat sitting services in the Pittsburgh area, text, email, or call 412-523-3612 for Purr-ky Petsitting.

Tailor-Made Cat Sitting Visits to Your Pittsburgh Home

With 30+ years of cat sitting experience, Purr-ky Petsitting takes your cat’s personality, eccentricities, and demands into account. Therefore, you can be confident that Mary will treat your pet with the same level of care that you would. Cat sitting visits involve feeding and watering your cat, cleaning the litter, cleaning up messes, and administering medicine if necessary. Purr-ky Petsitting offers:

  • Cat Specialist for over 30 years
  • Tailor-made visits to meet your cat’s unique needs
  • Pet pictures & updates
  • Feeding, cleaning, playing, plant, and home check-in services
  • Pet medication administration
  • Multiple visits per day available in certain locations

Purr-ky Petsitting Ensures a Happy Visit for Your Cat

Purr-ky Petsitting makes sure your cat has all she needs to be healthy and content while you are away. Whether your cat desires more playtime and attention, or simply wants to be alone, Mary caters to them. The welfare and security of her clients’ pets and residences are of utmost importance. Let us work together to find a schedule and routine that works for your feline friend today.

Whether you are going
on vacation or just working long hours, schedule cat sitting in southside and surrounding areas.

Serving the Entire Pittsburgh Area:

  • South Side
  • Crafton
  • Robinson
  • Mount Washington
  • Downtown
  • Lawrenceville
  • Squirrel Hill
  • Shady Side
  • East Liberty
  • Oakland
  • Ben Avon
  • Airport