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15+ Years of
Excellent, Loving Pet Care

With a lifetime spent loving animals and years of experience in providing trusted professional services, my premium pet care is unmatched. Here, your precious loved one is promised to receive precisely the care you want and the attention they need.

Armed with an eye for purr-fection and a heart full of love, Purr-ky Petsitting assures you that your family member – or members – will not be lost in the shuffle of random petsitters. Purr-ky Petsitting will give you the peace of mind you have been seeking!

Cat’s Best Friend

Patient, flexible, devoted, honest, and distinct, Purr-ky Petsitting is a fully insured pet care provider. If you need help giving your furry prince or princess loving, experienced, and detail-oriented care, let Mary Domencic at Purr-ky Petsitting help. She offers the following services to clients across Pittsburgh:

Text, email, or call 412-523-3612 Purr-ky Petsitting to book an appointment.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed in the Pittsburgh Area

In addition to valuing and respecting the animals she looks after, Mary works hard to satisfy her clients. Count on Purr-ky Petsitting to arrive on schedule, attend to your pet’s needs, and perform extra services if you require. Purr-ky Petsitting offers care around the clock throughout Pittsburgh and its vicinity. This includes areas in and nearby the Southside, Mt. Washington, Robinson, Crafton, Ben Avon, East Liberty, Lawrenceville, Oakland, Shady Side, and Squirrel Hill. With her experience, education, and intuition, Mary brings her ‘mother’s love’ to all of the pets she commits to. Whether you need a nurse, therapist, or simply a companion for your pet, Purr-ky Petsitting will provide! To hear from current and former clients, check out Purr-ky Petsitting’s reviews.

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Serving the Entire Pittsburgh Area:

  • South Side
  • Crafton
  • Robinson
  • Mount Washington
  • Downtown
  • Lawrenceville
  • Squirrel Hill
  • Shady Side
  • East Liberty
  • Oakland
  • Ben Avon
  • Airport