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For over 25 years, my life’s devotion to high quality caretaking has made me understand and adapt to a variety of animals but especially those who have been victims of abuse or isolation. Cautious or guarded animals can appear aloof, not wanting attention, and yet they crave that most of all. Extremely violent or aggressive animals are all too often in a battle with their own fears; defending against past trauma that still runs through their minds.

Of course, gregarious personalities can belie their true intentions as well. Appearances can be deceiving. You cannot judge a book by its cover. Only with time and discipline of our own thoughts can we get to truly know another living being. I was lucky to have been taught the values of patience and persistence early on so that I could carry it with me throughout my life’s work.

“Is your loved one aggressive, anxious, or do they have wild mood swings? Don’t worry! Purr-ky Petsitting has a wealth of experience in caring for all kinds of personalities!

Schedule Patient and Empathetic Behavioral Health Visits for Your Cat

Mary Domencic, at Purr-ky Petsitting, has successfully helped hundreds of abused, anxious, high-aggression, and depressed cats over 25 years. Purr-ky Petsitting’s goal is to help caregivers understand their feline friends better. Mary bases her training on scientific research and the most recent industry best practices. All visits center around kindness, patience, and empathy. Reach out to Purr-ky Petsitting’s cat therapist in Pittsburgh if your cat needs assistance with any of the following:

  • Litter box issues
  • Destructive behavior
  • Aggression
  • Fear, anxiety, and stress
  • Inter-cat relationships
  • Kitten socialization
  • Vet visit prep
  • And more

Improve Your Cat’s Quality of Life in Pittsburgh

Purr-ky Petsitting can visit your home anywhere in the Pittsburgh area. Regardless if you live in Ben Avon, Oakland, Shady Side, Southside, or Squirrel Hill, Mary will visit your home. Allow Purr-ky Petsitting to help address behavior problems or help your shy cat become more confident. Text Purr-ky Petsitting to schedule a consultation today. You may also email or call 412-523-3612 Purr-ky Petsitting for trusted, loving, and reliable care.

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