Cat Medication Administration
in Pittsburgh

Purr-ky Petsitting Offers Medical Care Assistance to Your Pet

If you need assistance with cat medication administration in Pittsburgh, trust the nursing background of Purr-ky Petsitting to help. At Purr-ky Petsitting, Mary Domencic places a high priority on your pet’s wellness. By applying her clinical experience & RN training in diverse Pittsburgh hospitals, Mary helps pets in far more ways than your average pet sitter. If you are not able to or feel uncomfortable with pet medication administration, Purr-ky Petsitting can help.

Purr-ky Petsitting understands that not all pets are happy or calm when taking medication. Mary has experience working with pets of diverse temperaments and special circumstances. Choose the pet sitter who offers trusted, loving, and reliable care to pets throughout the Pittsburgh area.

Text, email, or call 412-523-3612 for Purr-ky Petsitting to book an appointment for medical administration and specialty care.

Purr-ky Petsitting’s Time as Nurse & Mom Fuels Priceless Pet Care

Pet medication administration is something Mary at Purr-ky Petsitting takes very seriously. She knows many cats, dogs, and other pets need certain medications to grow and live well, just like people. For example, with diabetic pets, many pet owners are not just inexperienced – they are outright afraid of giving injections. Mary is experienced in all forms of medication administration and, if desired, can assist you with any tips to help.
Choose care for your pet that is experienced with administering:

  • Subcutaneous fluids
  • Insulin injections
  • Eye Drops
  • Oral Medications
  • Topical Treatments
  • Ear drops
  • And More

Let Purr-ky Petsitting Help Improve Your Pet’s Overall Care

Do you own a pet that needs regular trips to the doctor? You may get help from Purr-ky Petsitting with your pets’ medical requirements. Mary Domencic offers pet taxi services to help you get your pet to the vet. Purr-ky Petsitting makes sure they get there on time, safe, and secure. When they come home, Purr-ky Petsitting will help keep them on a regular medication schedule. If a pet is recovering from surgery or a wound, Mary’s RN training allows her to help your pet recover. Also, an important part of recovery is getting your pet moving. Purr-ky Petsitting offers cat and dog workout routines or playtime, as well as weight loss management to relieve stress on joints.

Trust the nursing
background of Purr-ky Petsitting to help with pet medication administration in Pittsburgh.

Serving the Entire Pittsburgh Area:

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  • Shady Side
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